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Abdominal / Back

Most strength-training equipment manufacturers make a  Abdominal / Back machine but, while there are many models of leg press available, there are only two main types of design. The first design is often referred to as a  Abdominal / Back. To use this style of machine you sit on an reclined seat with your legs elevated and push against a weighted footplate guided by rails. The second design uses a weighted pendulum that swings away from you when you push with your legs. This design normally utilizes a more upright seated position and horizontal pushing action. Some leg presses allow for independent leg action but the majority of machines use both legs simultaneously. Most leg presses are plate loaded — that is to say you alter the weight by adding or subtracting weight plates.

Nortus manufactured in India for abdominal exercise, hyper extension also known as back extension and roman chair. Hyper extension exercise trains the more than 29 muscles of the body’s core. One popular exercise bench for lower back muscles. A padded piece of fitness equipment that holds the lower body in place, allowing the upper body’s weight to serve as weight resistance. The Roman Chair is available in a variety of models. Lower back muscles are important part of human body’s core, it has very important role in supporting other larger muscles of body. Back extension exercise bench are manufactured to target lower back, gluts, core abdominal and obliques.

  • Promotes function of hip and lower back muscles
  • Angled knee pad eliminates pressure on knee joint.
  • Adjustable knee platform and grip bar.
  • Dual adjustments accommodate a wide range of users
  • High-resiliency foam pads are designed for comfort and support, but made to last
  • Works the spinal erector muscles in comfort and added safety
  • Pad height adjustment is easy to use
  • Full calf pads ensure user’s stability and comfort.
  • Dual adjustments accommodate a wide range of users
  • 14 inch range of motion adjustment accommodate user of all sizes
  • High-resiliency foam pads are designed for comfort and support but made to last
  • Starting position of 45 degrees for close adjustment of strength curve for low back and hamstring



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