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Biangular Rowing

Biangular Rowing machines provide a back muscle and cardiovascular workout by increasing the heart rate. At the same time, exercise on a rowing machine works out all major muscle groups, including the arms and back, legs abdominal muscles. A biangular  rowing machine is a piece of exercise equipment that simulates the action of rowing a boat. Biangular Rowing machines are available in a variety of designs and sizes to fit most spaces of commercial gym and budgets. The majority of gyms and fitness centre include rowing machines in their line-up of workout gym equipment. Using a rowing machine exercise is one of the best workouts.

Biangular Rowing Machine:
Nortus Fitness gym equipments rowing machine provides biangular action the true rowing pattern, self adjustable revolving handgrips follows the body’s natural movement, designed to ensure correct body position during a “traditional” row. Adaptable to a variety of exercises for the back muscles, Incorporates unique non-slip moulded rubber footpads. The revolving handles allow the user natural movement, higher seat offers users ingress. Manufactured chest pad provide greater upper body stabilization. All adjustment and weight stack easily accessible from seated position



  • Unilateral operation for balanced strength development
  • Dynamic variable resistance
  • Adjustable seat and chest support pad
  • Easy seat height adjustment
  • All adjustment and weight stack easily accessible from seated position

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