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Biangular Shoulder Press

Biangular Shoulder Press / Over Head Press:
Specially manufactured biangular shoulder press machine for the shoulder exercise using combined action of the muscles involved, Incorporates an adjustable back pad and seat to allow user adjust amount of pre-stretch. Direct overhead movement put tern with standard and natural hand grips to simulate dumbbell pressing. Nortus Fitness is a Manufactured in India for commercial gym.

The shoulder press exercise targets the anterior or shoulder muscles, it also treat lateral, trapezius and triceps muscles. The machine allows exerciser to perform exercise in a safe environment without losing control of the weight. Shoulder press machine has two grip options for proper exercise form and it helps exerciser to change in functionality movement. Shoulder press machine provided with two overhand griping position with different grip width to suit exerciser of different sizes. Don’t use too wide grip it limits the range of motion while workout. Adjust seating up side or down site for accurate exercise form.

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