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BiangularLeg Extension Machine

Biangular Leg Extension Machine Exercise:
Biangular Leg extension machine exercise works on the quadriceps. To use leg extension machine make sure machine is setup for height and leg size. Adjust manufactured back pad for comfort and adjust ankle roller pad height up or low for correct exercise form sit on the machine with your back straight align with back pad support make sure knees are lines up with the pivot point. Select appropriate weight suitable for exercise, garb support handgrip both provide both side of seating pad, tighten your abdominal muscles to protect your lower back. Slowly straighten legs and extend it until it is parallel to the floor contract quadriceps as much as hold the legs in extended position and then slowly lower it back as well to the starting position. Repeat that about 10-15 times, repeat the sets 4 – 5 time or repeat it as instructed by fitness trainer.

BiangularLeg Extension Machine:
Nortus Fitness is Medically designed and manufactured leg extension machine for serious thigh development exercise using combined action of quadriceps muscles involved, specially designed for commercial gym.



  • Range of motion limiter allows for control of both flexion and extension every 10 degrees; the leg extension machine cam design encourages full contraction of the quadriceps.
  • Axis alignment for proper bio-mechanical positioning
  • Aligned 100 degree and adjustable back pad relieve hamstring tension, moveable roller pad arm for proper knee alignment and
  • maximum use comfort, Axis alignment for proper biomechanical positioning.
  • Variable resistance cam
  • Raised and contoured lower posterior thigh support padding to ensure maintenance of correct knee alignment during movement
  • Adjustable back rest pad
  • Infinitely adjustment tibia pads
  • All adjustment and weight stack easily accessible from seated position


Muscle Trained:


Height – 64” (162 cm)
Width – 47” (120 cm)
Length – 51” (130 cm)
Weight Stack – 150 Lbs. (68 Kg)

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