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Cable Crossover


  • Compact size uses less floor space than traditional cable crossover.
  • Independent 10-position pulley columns allow for unilateral and bilateral exercise.
  • Swivel cable ends and handles allow natural wrist movements without cable twisting.
  • 1:2 weight ratio offers fluid movement and extended range of motion.
  • Wide-base frame designed for functional, speed and ballistic training, is accessible for wheelchairs, rehab equipment, workout benches and stability balls.
  • Full length poly-carbonate protective rear weight enclosures.

Nortus is a Cable crossover machine manufactured in India with highly versatile station which allows user to perform biceps curls, triceps extensions, internal and external shoulder rotation, hip abduction and addiction, abdominal cable crunches and other exercises.


  • Stand-alone Cable Crossover with adjustable Hi/Lo pulleys with 150Lbs. (68Kg) weight stacks.
  • The dual pulley fully adjustable to horizontal different positions creates numerous path of motion also offer an incredible range of workout option.
  • Dual adjustable height pulleys for the ultimate in effective exercise variations.
  • Upper body compound exercises performed from ‘ground level’ position encouraging total body stabilisation and enhanced functional transfer.
  • Pulley height positioning allows performance of effective, user defined, converging arc, and upper body pressing exercises (including flat, incline, decline and overhead presses)
  • Adjustable angle and retractable ‘spine’ back rest allows ground based compound exercises to be performed with maximal loads.
  • Optional Chin-up bar mounted on overhead tube conserves space.
  • Inbuilt fitness accessories rack for various bar, handle, collar and triceps rope.


Muscle Trained:

  • Multi-exercise multi pattern system for arms, shoulders, hips and back.

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