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Nortus has changed the way people think about strength equipment. Simple and intuitive, this equipment was developed by our biomechanical experts with the user in mind. How? Redefined ergonomics. Improved comfort and performance. And streamlined workout tracking. It’s time to experience something different, and frankly better, in strength equipment.

Elliptical trainers are among the most popular choices for a more effective cardio workout not only for beginning users, but also advanced users as well. The trainer operates at the exercise level of your preference, which enables you to increase or decrease the difficulty of the workout, allowing you to challenge your stamina. A key factor is the machine’s ability to heighten the comfort level throughout the low impact cardio exercise. The effectiveness of an elliptical trainer is, in part, a result of the nearly effortless , fluid movement that allows the user to lengthen the duration of his or her workout. Take note that an influencing factor in the fluid movement is the users stride length. The typical choice is the 14″ stride, however, to achieve the most beneficial workout, you may want to opt for the elliptical machines that offer 21″ stride.


The intensity of your workout is partially dependent on the incline and resistance levels offered. Consider the trainers that include a wide range of levels which increases your range of fitness levels as well as effectively broadening the range of the number of workouts possible. Opt for a machine that enables you to alternate your resistance and incline levels as smoothly as possible without interrupting your stride. The ability to change the incline keeps the workout from becoming repetitive, while also challenging your muscles through a low impact aerobic workout. Added to this is the far greater feature that some trainers offer, the reverse feature. This allows you to “pedal” backwards which truly raises the bar on a superior. Different muscles are used in this motion, that you normally would not be using.


When acquiring a piece of in-home gym equipment, a necessary feature to consider is the noise level. Does it sound like a hurricane has made land fall in your personal exercise room? A certain amount of noise is to be expected, but only at a minimum. A low, swishing sound is common for the exclusive machines that will not interfere with your preferences of audio or video materials, as opposed to the machines of lesser quality.

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