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Free Weight Series


Every piece of Nortus free weight series allows users to experience an effective workout , Quickly and efficiently . When you purchased Nortus Equipment you can expect professional service at every level of our company.


Nortus fitness gym Equipments offers the largest selection of weight benches in the industry.Free weight series is effective way of improving muscle strength and endurance. Lifting weights improves fitness while it burns calories, increase muscle size, strength, power, and endurance, and increases bone density. It also increases bone density and improves quality of life for many individual. At Posture, Technique, safety and balance are the most important considerations for our customers. Unlike weight machines, free weights don’t restrict movement. This is great for building strength.

Free weight series are given greater importance because we believe it uses many different muscles to maintain your balance while using free weights which results in getting better overall improvement in muscle strength. Regular exercise also decreases the loss of muscle that comes with aging, and it can improve your heart health, bone strength, balance, and co-ordination. It is the most versatile type of exercise anybody can do.

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