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The Nortus Cycle has been specialy designed for commercial Institutions, helth clubs, hotels, corporate, fitness centers and gym.
The Nortus Cycle heavy duty commercial Cycle has advanced design that makes exercising truly effortless and enjoyable. Innovative technology, user friendly features and a high performance system, all contribute to a quality new genration tredmill that consistently ensures high user satisfaction

While you can certainly hop on a stationary bike in the cardio area of any gym, indoor cycling classes are known for energy-infused music and motivating instructors who guide you through an imaginary course during a 45- to 90-minute class. Following the instructor’s cues, you’ll “climb” hills by cranking up the resistance on the bike, increase your pedaling speed for short interval bursts and challenge yourself more than you likely would pedaling away solo. Each class typically begins with a warm-up and cool-down period of less-intense pedaling, and most instructors lead you through stretches at the end of a session.

Static Cycle for Exercise Therapy offered comes in sturdy construction finish and features use of quality CR tubular pipe metal wit attached break wheel so as to offer desired resistance while pedaling. Finding suitability for exercising, these come fixed with support of digital timer and speedometer for monitoring of the exercise levels. Some of its features include suitable for use by patients undergoing physiotherapy for knee injury treatment; available in different configuration choices; can be provided with support of digital speed-meter and timer display units; these static cycles provide for best usage in gyms and houses as calorie burner and for regular warm-up sessions.

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