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Inner / Outer Thai


  • Conveniently located lever adjusts for range of motion and start position for both exercises.
  • Forward facing exercise positioning provides privacy.
  • Swivel knee pads maintain constant support throughout the range of motion.

Nortus manufactured of Inner / Outer Thai machine provides bi-angular action the true rowing pattern, self adjustable revolving hand grips follows the body’s natural movement, designed to ensure correct body position during a “traditional” row. Adaptable to a variety of exercises for the back muscles, Incorporates unique non-slip moulded rubber footpads. The revolving handles allow the user natural movement, higher seat offers users ingress. Manufactured chest pad provide greater upper body stabilization. All adjustment and weight stack easily accessible from seated position.

Most strength-training equipment manufacturers make a leg press machine but, while there are many models of leg press available, there are only two main types of design. The first design is often referred to as a 45-degree leg press or sled leg press. To use this style of machine you sit on an reclined seat with your legs elevated and push against a weighted footplate guided by rails. The second design uses a weighted pendulum that swings away from you when you push with your legs. This design normally utilizes a more upright seated position and horizontal pushing action. Some leg presses allow for independent leg action but the majority of machines use both legs simultaneously. Most leg presses are plate loaded — that is to say you alter the weight by adding or subtracting weight plates.

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