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Leg Curl / Extension


  • Bio-mechanically correct seat angle provides proper support and isolation of muscle group.
  • Back support ratchet system easily adjusts for proper positioning and knee alignment.
  • Quick release to engage and disengage thigh hold-down support.

Nortus is a leading Leg curl machine manufactured with range of motion limiter in India to allow user control of both flexion and extension every 10 degrees while exercising, the leg curling machine cam design encourages full contraction to the hamstrings. A best gym equipment to use in commercial gym for leg exercise.


  • Angled hip and chest pads minimize risk of spinal hypertension, axis alignment for proper bio-mechanical positioning.
  • Variable resistance cam.
  • Infinitely adjustable movable roller calf pad arm for maximum use comfort.
  • All adjustment and weight stack easily accessible from seated position.


Muscle Trained:

  • Hamstrings
  • Gastrocnemius

Lying Leg Curl Exercise:
Hamstring are one of the most important part of the body lying leg curl machine exercise works on hamstring to get more stronger and toning up by doing leg curl.
Here are the some instructions to do proper leg curl exercise on machine. Lie down on leg curl bench, place the back of ankles against the roller pad and align knees with bio-mechanically designed rotating cam on the leg curling machine to get proper exercise form adjust roller pad up side or down side by using pull-pin. Grip the handles located below the incline bench, begin the leg curl exercise by lifting appropriate weight. Repeat the number of curls needed according to exercise routine.

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