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Let Pull Down / Rowing

Nortus has changed the way people think about strength equipment. Simple and intuitive, this equipment was developed by our biomechanical experts with the user in mind. How? Redefined ergonomics. Improved comfort and performance. And streamlined workout tracking. It’s time to experience something different, and frankly better, in strength equipment.

Nortus is a Let pull down machine manufactured in India to exercise the back using combined bi-angular action of the muscles involved, effective back muscle exercise while reducing shoulder stress, forward-aligned overhead pulley allows a safer front pull down.


  • Adaptable to a variety of exercises for back muscles
  • Adjustable roller pads that secure hips while performing exercise and allow heavy loads to be used.
  • All adjustment and weight stack easily accessible from seated position


Muscle Trained:

  • Latissimus Dorsi
  • Rhomboids
  • Posterior Deltoids
  • Biceps


  • Height – 96” (244 cm)
  • Width – 48” (122 cm)
  • Length – 52” (132 cm)
  • Weight Stack – 200 Lbs. (90.71 Kg)

If you are serious about bodybuilding, the lat pull down machine is most important equipment for workout, while exercise on lat pull down machine it works on Latissimus dorsi or lats, these muscles are the back muscles under the arms on either side of back by developing this muscle gives you “v” shape back body and extend and abduct your shoulders which is most associate with worlds bodybuilder. The latissumus dorsi more involve in lat pull down exercise.
While wide grip lat pull down exercise pull the bar to your upper chest instead of behind the head to reduce stress on your shoulder joints.

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