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Multi Press


  1. Multi-purpose bench and press bar easily adjust for flat, incline and should presses.
  2. Multiple grip handles on the press bar allow for variation exercises and muscle isolation.
  3. Roller-glide carriage allows easy bench adjustment.

Multi Press – Chest / Shoulder Press Machine all in one gym equipment exercise machine manufactured for Chest Press & Shoulder Press Exercise, exercise includes Incline bench press, Flat bench press and Shoulder Press exercises.


  • Standard and neutral position hand grip are provided for bench presses as well as shoulder press for proper bio-mechanically correct workout.
  • Contoured back pad allows user to perform perfect shoulder exercise
  • Adjustable range of motion carriage for proper start position
  • Fully adjustable 3 way bench adjust from 0 to 90 degrees to facilitate Flat bench press / incline bench press and Shoulder Press exercise movements.
  • Adjustable bench position allow user to adjust the pre-stretch of the exercise
  • Direct movement pattern with standard and natural hand grip to simulate barbell and dumbbell pressing.
  • Exercise the chest and shoulders using combined action of the muscles involved.
  • Lighter starting weight stack available

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