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Preacher Curl Bench


Nortus has changed the way people think about Preacher Curl Bench. Simple and intuitive, this equipment was developed by our bio-mechanical experts with the user in mind. How? Redefined ergonomics. Improved comfort and performance. And streamlined workout tracking. It’s time to experience something different, and frankly better, in strength equipment.

Nortus Fitness offers a wide assortment of Free Weight equipment. From Olympic benches to 4-way power sleds and heavy-duty smith machines, our extensive line of free weight equipment will ensure you find exactly what you need for your facility.

Nortus is a Preacher curl bench manufacture in India to isolates the biceps muscles, located at the front of upper arms. Preacher curl bench exercise isolates and target biceps brachii and brachialis muscle, part of the upper and lower biceps. Preacher curl bench helps while curling exercise to steady triceps against a preacher curl bench, which has a slightly tilted, padded armrest. Adjustable incline angle and seat pad provides maximum comfort, elbow pad is angled 45 degrees to vary resistance, proper exercise form and improve comfort. Angled bicep curl bench arm rest provides natural carrying angle. Dual take-off pins increases safety.

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