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Nortus has changed the way people think about FREE WEIGHT EQUIPMENTS. Simple and intuitive, this equipment was developed by our biomechanical experts with the user in mind. How? Redefined ergonomics. Improved comfort and performance. And streamlined workout tracking. It’s time to experience something different, and frankly better, in strength equipment.

Nortus Fitness offers a wide assortment of Free Weight equipment. From Olympic benches to 4-way power sleds and heavy-duty smith machines, our extensive line of free weight equipment will ensure you find exactly what you need for your facility.

TNortus Fitness is a compact smith machine manufacturer that has a lat pull-down attachment and a back row pulley attachment. The Linear bearing system allows for a smooth smith action and can easily be noticed when using this model. It’s compact in size and is one of the safest way to exercise.

The weight bench Adjusts to Decline, Flat, Incline and upright position allowing the user to target the chest lower, upper and mid-section.

The upright position allows the user to exercise the shoulders as well as incorporate bicep and other exercises using the bench. The bench also comes with a preacher curl attachment as well as a leg and Hamstring extensions.


Smith machine with spotters and Clip off hock.

Lat pull-down.

Bicep curl/row.

FID Weight Bench Incline, Decline, Flat and Military adjustments. Hamstring and Leg extension attachment included.

Lat bow attachment.

Rotating bicep curl/Row Bar.

Ankle strap attachment.

one hand grip attachment.

Clips for Olympic and standard weights.

4 plate holders.

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