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Wrist Curl

The Wrist curl machine exercise isolates the Wrist located at the front of lower  arms, secondary muscles targets with wrist curl exercise is the brachialis muscle and part of the lower Wrist which aids in elbow bending or flexion. To perform Wrist curl machine exercise select the appropriate require weight with the help of selector pin at weight stack, hold the handgrips with underhand grip. Start with slightly bend in elbow and wrist in a neutral position; now raise your arm to pull weights till when your forearms is vertical. At the top of the movement squeeze hard biceps wait for two second relax and slowly lower the weight to the starting position. Repeat these sets as desire for your workout plan.

Nortus  manufactured  Wrist Curl Machine  are effective and efficient for combine two exercise machine into one machine which saves space, time and money. easy to adjust machine a fast and painless one biceps triceps machine.
The triceps muscles, which are the muscles that run along the rear side of upper arms, are good muscles to work out using triceps machine. Everyone is always working on the biceps! But you cannot neglect your triples, many triceps exercises are difficult to do without recruiting other muscles, but using triceps extension machine helps you isolate your triceps.



  • Supported E-Z Curl hand grip distribute the load equally to each arm and simulates the movement of an curl bar to build the biceps muscles while reducing wrist stress.
  • While triceps extension bio-mechanically designed zigzag triceps hand grip for more targeted triceps exercise.
  • Swivel handles allows for better isolation of bicep muscle.
  • Unique back pad allows user to isolate the triceps during movement.
  • Ergonomic design minimizes stress on elbow joint while allowing for full range of motion.
  • Adjustable hand grips provide a complete bicep & triceps workout.
  • Easily to adjustable start & seat pad to accommodate a wide range of users.

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